• Cnidarian Neighborhoods

    Some studies for colored pencil paintings of anemones in the tide pools of Lincoln City, Oregon. I tried these in pastel in a workshop last year, but I like them better in colored pencil. Read more

  • Animal Parade Commission

    My good friend Wendilee Heath O’Brien at Whopaints sent this my way. It is a closing gift for a real estate transaction. The buyer and seller found that they had something in common – goats. The painting illustrates a story related by the seller. Read more

  • Little Japan Sketches

    Japan is a visual feast. We stayed in Tokyo for 6 days and selected the places we thought might be interesting, as well as those recommended by friends and relatives. On Wednesday, we took Wendilee’s suggestion and went to Kanazawa. Not much to do on the shinkansen, but eat rice snacks, take pictures out the… Read more

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