• Observational Drawing

    In the fourth class we worked on observing the proportions and structure of heads. This has always been a daunting subject for me, but our instructor was very skilled at giving us an approach to the subject. In the final assignment of the class, we used some of the skills form the other classes to… Read more

  • Drawing Basics

    This Spring, Zullo Gallery is offering a class called Observational Drawing, taught by Ron Krouck. I decided that it is time to review drawing basics. The first class reminded me that drawing really can mess with your brain. First, we drew a foreshortened piece of paper “by eye”. Then we drew the same subject by… Read more

  • Sketching Memories

    I like to use sketches to remember images that stay in my mind after traveling, walking, or visits with friends and family. Here are some sketch memories from Japan, Washington, Medfield and Wyoming. Read more

  • Dog Walks

    I try to start every day with a peaceful walk with my dog. I love to watch the dog move through the landscape discovering olfactory news. Read more

  • “AJ” Commission

    I lost my Lilly in June of last year, so I know how difficult it is to lose a canine friend. AJ was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Golden Retriever cross. His head is like the spaniel, but the color is Golden Retriever for sure! Read more

  • White’s Beach

    I love the way a change of scale or perspective can create a new design. This is an abstraction of the stones on White’s Beach in South Hero Vermont. This is my impression of the Ordovician shale on White’s Beach in South Hero, Vermont. This stone is everywhere along the banks of the lake. Local artists… Read more

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