• Mac and Marcy

    For this commission, the client provided several photos of the dogs sitting in her house. She wanted them placed in a favorite location on the East Coast. It was a challenge, but a welcome imaginary trip to the ocean during the pandemic lockdown. Read more

  • My Summer School

    Having just finished an excellent, inspiring and helpful observational drawing class with Ron Krouk, I gave myself 7 assignments, each one corresponding to one of the lessons we had during the big lockdown. Week 1 – Perspective and Basic Shapes Week 2 – Thinking in Shapes Week 3 – Approaches to Drawing Week 4 –… Read more

  • Jack

    As soon as I met this dog, I knew I wanted to paint him! He has the most beautiful eyes, and is a quiet and elegant presence in his owner’s home. Read more

  • Dining Room Studio

    Although it is cool and quiet, the basement is too dark to paint in. So, I added an extension to the dining room table to made my pastel studio. Read more

  • Graduation Cards

    Despite the pandemic, the economy, the politics, I like to think that my nieces will fly into the world and help make it a more positive place. I associate freedom and power with horseback riding and I couldn’t get out to buy graduation cards, so I made these for Anna and Sara. Read more

  • Rainy Day Daffodils

    More snow and icy weather is predicted for tomorrow (April 28th!!) so I’ve been bringing in the daffodils for sketching. This started out as a pencil drawing. I started playing with the Photoshop Elements filters and stopped with this one since it looks like today — kind of colorless and rainy. Read more

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