When you first start riding a horse, there are a million things to learn and remember. First, you have to balance and sit up, then think about how your legs are cueing your horse. Then you must make sure that your hands guide and communicate rather than pull. Then, you move off at a walk, and this is only the beginning! Finally, after many years, there is a flow where you really feel like you and your horse are working together. Gradually, you think less about your body movements; you move from thinking to feeling.

As I learn to paint, I’m hoping that the same kind of practice and attention will bring some degree of competence. I still think about every little thing, and it is sometimes overwhelming! Composition, value, color, drawing! So much to remember! Like riding, there have been some setbacks, plateaus, and leaps ahead. I made a recent leap with this painting.

After more attention to anatomy and a course with Stephanie Lieberman, I did several versions of this painting. This took a lot of work. I’m hoping, that like riding, it will get easier!

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