More Observational Drawing

I would like to gain enough skill to use drawing as a second language for expressing ideas, feelings, and places. After so many years of playing with drawing, I feel as if I am learning skills I can use for this. After 9 classes, I can see that this is going to take a lot of practice! Still, our instructor has been taking us through some of the most challenging drawing problems: drapery, human heads, and the human figure. I still have a temptation to refer to a photo, but gradually, I am able to draw what I see without the aid of a reference image.

2 responses to “More Observational Drawing”

  1. Wonderful! Drawing is truly Truth seeking.. and understanding. I have found it to be the ultimate root of all I do! Do you know the book Drawing Lessons from the Masters? Want to have a phone call soon?



    1. Thank you for the recommendation! I’m also finding that regular drawing changes your mind! Yes, let’s have an arty talk soon. I’ll email you with some times.


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