More Observational Drawing

I would like to gain enough skill to use drawing as a second language for expressing ideas, feelings, and places. After so many years of playing with drawing, I feel as if I am learning skills I can use for this. After 9 classes, I can see that this is going to take a lot of practice! Still, our instructor has been taking us through some of the most challenging drawing problems: drapery, human heads, and the human figure. I still have a temptation to refer to a photo, but gradually, I am able to draw what I see without the aid of a reference image.

2 responses to “More Observational Drawing”

  1. Wonderful! Drawing is truly Truth seeking.. and understanding. I have found it to be the ultimate root of all I do! Do you know the book Drawing Lessons from the Masters? Want to have a phone call soon?



    • Thank you for the recommendation! I’m also finding that regular drawing changes your mind! Yes, let’s have an arty talk soon. I’ll email you with some times.


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